Leica DISTO – The Ultimate Solution for all your Distance Measurement Needs

Leica Geosystems has been a leading provider of products and systems for surveying and geographical measurement. Its products employ GPS satellite navigation technologies and the laser rangefinder which allows you to measure height and width measurements, roof slopes and facade areas, as well as heights and ground profiles.


Leica DISTO is a range of products from Leica Geosystems that consists of all their distance measurement tools and laser measuring devices. The extensive range of products being offered by Leica Geosystems ensures that there is a Leica DISTO for every measuring situation or environment.


Leica DISTO Basic Product Features

The Leica DISTO Laser Distancemeter is an innovative hand-held laser meter that provides quick and reliable height and width measurements with the touch of a button. Its Leica DISTO D8 model has features which allow you to get measurements for inaccessible positions with its Digital Pointfinder and 360° tilt sensor. The Digital Pointfinder allows quick and reliable measurements of height and width distances with its 4x zoom and high resolution color display, allowing you to always see your targeted point. The 360° integrated tilt sensor technology allows easy measurement of horizontal distance even without a reflective point.

There is also the Leica 3D Disto model that allows you to measure everything you need. Regardless of the shape and size of the room you want to measure, the Leica 3D DISTO can provide you with reliable measurements. It allows you to measure from one station including hard-to-reach spot heights and ground points as well as height and distance in all three spatial axes.


The Leica DISTO D3a model provides fast and reliable indoor measurements. It allows measuring out of corners and edges in an indoors setting. It may be a small pocket sized laser measure but its groundbreaking technology offers great value to the user at its price.


The Leica DISTO D2 model is a measuring wheel that is considered the smallest laser measuring device on the market granting you the convenience of portability. It allows you to measure from edges or corners and is also splash and dust proof.


Theodolites make your alignment work easy with Industrial and Construction Theodolites from Leica Geosystems that provide outstanding performance and maximum flexibility.
Leica DISTO has a wide range of products and you would see that you would find the right kind of model that would work for you in whatever measuring situation you are in. Each model has all the frequently used functions that would help you make your laser distance measuring work easier.

Few tips about using Leica Disto!

Benefits of Using Leica DISTO Products
Leica DISTO has always been a trusted brand when it comes to fulfilling your distance measurement needs. It offers solutions that allow accurate and reliable measurements that are not easy to do when employing conventional measuring methods. It’s like having a digital tape measure or laser measuring tape. You will be amazed when you use this product especially upon seeing the supreme accuracy of its measurements like you’ve never experienced before. Distance measuring becomes ten times easier with Leica DISTO. It allows you to measure quickly and simply even over long distances and on measurement of roof slopes.


The Leica DISTO laser rangefinder is also significantly easier to carry around. Its bright screen display allows you to see the information about the measurements you made even in the dark or under the glare of bright sunlight.


All these Leica DISTO products would make it easier for you to do your measuring work. Information about your measurements can easily be transferred to your PC using a USB port or can be wirelessly and accurately transferred through the use of Bluetooth technology.


There are Leica DISTO product models wherein you would receive a free pair of Leica DISTO laser glasses with purchase. The Leica DISTO laser glasses help you increase the visibility of the laser in bright light conditions, a great help in distance measurement during a bright and sunny day.


Honest Negatives about the Leica DISTO Range of Products

Leica DISTO measuring tools are significantly pricier compared to using other conventional measuring devices. However, with all the amazing benefits that it provides to the user, the benefits would certainly outweigh the costs. You won’t have to exert a lot of effort with a conventional tape measure if you use Leica DISTO’s range of measuring tools. No wonder engineers, architects, and craftsmen still prefer to use Leica DISTO products despite its rather hefty price as it provides more convenience to their work and add more value to them.


Concluding Remarks

Leica DISTO products surely are every engineer, architect, or craftsman’s best working companion. So whether you get a laser tape measure, laser rangefinder, laser glasses, or whatever laser measuring device, make sure that the maker is Leica Geosystems. With its top of the line products and technologies, you’d never go wrong with the Leica DISTO range of products.